Compound Nouns Definition and Examples In English

Compound Nouns Definition and Examples In English

Compound nouns are like buddy words in Grammar. They happen when two or more words come together to make a new word. It’s like a word team-up! These special words help us say things in a snappy way. Compound Nouns Examples included, instead of saying “a book about cooking,” we can just say “cookbook.” Simple, right? There are three types: open (like “ice cream”), hyphenated (like “mother-in-law”), and closed (like “notebook”). These word combos make talking and writing smoother and cooler. So, next time you see a compound noun, remember, it’s two words high-fiving to become one awesome word!

Compound Nouns Definition and Examples In English

Compound Nouns Definition and Examples In English

What are Compound Nouns?

A compound noun is a type of noun that is formed by combining two or more words to create a single entity with its meaning. These words can be joined together in various ways, including with spaces, hyphens, or without any punctuation. Compound nouns can be composed of different parts of speech, such as nouns, adjectives, verbs, or prepositions.


  • She bought a beautiful necklace for the party.
  • The cat knocked over the flowerpot on the windowsill.
  • The kids built a fantastic sandcastle at the beach.
  • We took a refreshing swim in the pool.
  • The chef prepared a delicious three-course dinner.

Categories of Compound Noun:

  • Closed or Solid Compounds
  • Hyphenated Compounds
  • Open Compounds
  • Possessive Compounds
  • Attributive Compounds
  • Appositive Compounds
  • Verb-Object Compounds
  • Phrasal Compounds

Closed or Solid Compounds:

  • notebook
  • toothpaste
  • baseball
  • wallpaper
  • sunlight
  • bedroom
  • backpack

Hyphenated Compounds:

  • sister-in-law
  • well-being
  • six-pack
  • co-worker
  • up-to-date
  • on-site
  • over-the-counter

Open Compounds:

  • ice cream
  • parking lot
  • health care
  • swimming pool
  • coffee shop
  • high school
  • post office

Possessive Compounds:

  • John’s car
  • cat’s tail
  • company’s policy
  • Mary’s house
  • doctor’s appointment
  • child’s toy
  • teacher’s desk

Attributive Compounds:

  • rainforest
  • swimming pool
  • chocolate cake
  • fire engine
  • computer science
  • football game
  • space shuttle

Appositive Compounds:

  • mother-in-law
  • attorney general
  • passerby
  • runner-up
  • editor-in-chief
  • poet laureate
  • doctorate

Verb-Object Compounds:

  • swimwear
  • bake-off
  • jump rope
  • breakdance
  • cutlery
  • spin-off
  • takeout

Phrasal Compounds:

  • breakup
  • setup
  • breakdown
  • lookout
  • workaround
  • backup
  • comeback

Compound Nouns Examples:

  • The baby played with a colorful rattle.
  • I need a new notebook for my sketches.
  • The chef prepared a tasty sandwich for lunch.
  • She wore a cozy sweater on a chilly day.
  • We attended a lively dance party last night.
  • He received a lovely birthday card from his family.
  • We enjoyed a relaxing beach day with friends.
  • The kids played with their new board game all afternoon.
  • She wore a stylish sunflower dress to the party.
  • The team celebrated their victory with a memorable championship parade.

Compound Nouns Exercise:

1. Which of the following is an example of a compound noun?
a) Run
b) Happy
c) Bookstore
d) Jumping
2. Choose the correct compound noun in the given options:
a) Cat’s
b) Treehouse
c) Swiftly
d) Joyful
3. Identify the compound noun in the following sentence:
“The sunflower bloomed in the backyard.”
a) Sunflower
b) Backyard
c) Bloomed
d) The
4. What is the compound noun in the phrase “ice cream”?
a) Ice
b) Cream
c) Ice cream
d) Creamy
5. Select the correct compound noun:
a) Carrying
b) Football
c) Quickly
d) Laughed
6. Which option represents a compound noun formed by compounding two adjectives?
a) Reddish
b) Beautifully
c) Blackboard
d) Sunny
7. In the phrase “raincoat,” what is the compound noun?
a) Rain
b) Coat
c) Raincoat
d) The


  1. c) Bookstore
  2. b) Treehouse
  3. a) Sunflower
  4. c) Ice cream
  5. b) Football
  6. c) Blackboard
  7. c) Raincoat

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