Interrogative Pronouns with Examples In English

Interrogative Pronouns Definition, Examples and List In English

Interrogative pronouns are words in grammar that we can use when we ask questions. They help us find out things like who did something, which thing we want, or what something is. You’ve probably heard words like who, what, which, and others when people ask questions. So, for the next time when you have a question, think about which interrogative pronoun will help you find the answer!

Interrogative Pronouns Definition, Examples and List In English

Interrogative Pronouns Definition, Examples, and List In English

What are Interrogative Pronouns?

Interrogative pronouns are a type of pronoun used to ask questions. They are used to inquire about specific information or entities. Interrogative pronouns include words such as who, whom, whose, what, which, and whose.  For Examples:

  • Who is coming to the party?
  • Whom did you see at the store?
  • Whose book is this?
  • What time is the meeting?

Usages of Interrogative Pronouns:

  • Asking about People
  • Asking about Possession
  • Asking about Things
  • Asking about Time, Place, or Manner
  • Asking about Reason or Purpose
Asking about People:
This interrogative pronoun is used to ask about people or persons.
  • Who: Used to inquire about a person’s identity or role.
    • Example: Who is your best friend?
  • Whom: Used to ask about the object of an action.
    • Example: Whom did you invite to the party?

Asking about Possession:
“Whom” is also used to ask about people, but it is used as the object of a verb or preposition.

  • Whose: Used to ask about ownership or possession.
  • Example: Whose bag is this?

Asking about Things:
“What” is used to ask about things, ideas, activities, or qualities.

  • What: Used to inquire about things or actions.
    • Example: What is your favorite color?
  • Which: Used to choose between alternatives or options.
    • Example: Which book did you buy?

Asking about Time, Place, or Manner:
This pronoun is used to inquire about a choice among a group of items or people.

  • Where: Used to ask about a location or place.
    • Example: Where did you go on vacation?
  • When: Used to inquire about time or timing.
    • Example: When is the next train?
  • How: Used to ask about the manner or method.
    • Example: How did you solve the problem?

Asking about Reason or Purpose:

  • Why: Used to inquire about the reason or purpose.
  • Example: Why did you choose that restaurant?

Interrogative Pronouns Examples:

  • Who ate all the cookies?
  • Whom did you invite to the party?
  • Whose phone is ringing?
  • Which book should I read first?
  • What did you do yesterday?
  • Whichever path you choose, I’ll support you.
  • Whoever left their jacket here, please come pick it up.
  • Whomsoever shall be found without a ticket shall be escorted out.
  • Whichever restaurant we go to, I hope they have vegetarian options.
  • Whatever happens, we’ll face it together.

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