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100 Preposition Examples Sentences In English

100 Preposition Example Sentences In English

Preposition Examples are some words that help make the sentences more meaningful. They have an important job to do in a sentence. They are used to show where things are or how they relate to each other. Instead of using the similar words repeatedly, we can use words like in, on, under, between, and among. These small words are quite helpful to make sentences clear. When you learn about prepositions example sentences , it becomes effective and important for good talking and writing.

What is a Preposition?

A preposition is a little word that tells you where something is or when something happens in relation to something else. It usually comes before a noun or pronoun and connects it to another word in the sentence. For example, in the sentence “The cat is on the table,” “on” is the preposition because it shows where the cat is in relation to the table. Other common prepositions include “in,” “at,” “under,” “over,” “between,” and “before.” They help us understand the position, direction, or timing of things.

Preposition Examples Sentences:

  • The cat is on the table.
  • She walked beside the river.
  • The book is under the bed.
  • The sun sets behind the mountains.
  • Birds flew above the clouds.
  • The pen is in the box.
  • He jumped over the fence.
  • The ball rolled across the floor.
  • The keys are next to the door.
  • The plane flew below the radar.
  • The flowers bloom in the garden.
  • The fish swim beneath the surface.
  • The spider crawled along the wall.
  • The moon shines over the city.
  • The umbrella is behind the chair.
  • The car is in front of the house.
  • The butterfly landed on the flower.
  • The rainbow appeared after the rain.
  • The bird flew through the open window.
  • The mountain stands above the valley.
  • The squirrel climbed up the tree.
  • The cookies are on the plate.
  • The train travels through the tunnel.
  • The stars twinkle in the night sky.
  • The cat hid among the bushes.
  • The horse galloped across the field.
  • The ship sailed over the ocean.
  • The clock is above the door.
  • The spider web hangs between the branches.
  • The soccer ball is inside the goal.
  • The airplane soared over the clouds.
  • The rainbow stretches across the sky.
  • The snake slithered through the grass.
  • The mountain peak is beyond reach.
  • The sunflower faces towards the sun.
  • The fish swim against the current.
  • The coin fell between the cushions.
  • The butterfly fluttered around the garden.
  • The snow falls softly upon the ground.
  • The river flows through the canyon.
  • The cat leaped onto the windowsill.
  • The backpack is beside the chair.
  • The spider spun a web between the branches.
  • The car drove through the tunnel.
  • The kite soared above the trees.
  • The squirrel is on the branch.
  • The balloon floated above the crowd.
  • The ship sailed around the island.
  • The ball bounced off the wall.
  • The rabbit hopped into the burrow.
100 Preposition Example Sentences In English

100 Preposition Example Sentences

  • She found her inner peace amid chaos.
  • The cat slept between sofa cushions.
  • He walked through a dense forest.
  • Keys were hidden beneath the doormat.
  • She sat atop the hill.
  • The book is inside the bag.
  • They gathered around the bonfire.
  • The sun set behind mountains.
  • Children played beside the river.
  • The painting hung over the fireplace.
  • She walked along the beach.
  • The butterfly fluttered below flowers.
  • The old house stands on the hill.
  • The cat squeezed between the fence.
  • They met outside the café.
  • The airplane soared above clouds.
  • Treasure was buried beneath an oak tree.
  • She swam across the river.
  • The squirrel darted underneath leaves.
  • They sat at the table.
  • The eagle circled overhead.
  • The car sped past pedestrians.
  • The moon shone through the sky.
  • The map is pinned on the wall.
  • The cat leaped onto the window sill.
  • The stars twinkled beyond human touch.
  • He stood in front of the mirror.
  • The path led into the forest.
  • The spider spun its web between branches.
  • The ball rolled under the couch.
  • The secret passage was hidden behind a bookshelf.
  • The train rumbled below the streets.
  • She jumped over the puddle.
  • The rainbow arched across the sky.
  • The aroma wafted from the kitchen.
  • The river flowed beside the meadow.
  • Climbers reached the summit at sunrise.
  • The sun sank below the horizon.
  • The cat napped on the windowsill.
  • Hikers trekked through snowy mountains.
  • Coins were scattered among leaves.
  • Notes were hidden inside the envelope.
  • The road stretched alongside the coastline.
  • The spider crawled beneath the bed.
  • The baby bird nestled within the nest.
  • Hikers camped near the stream.
  • The snake slithered through tall grass.
  • The cat lounged on the sunny terrace.
  • The cave extended beyond the flashlight.
  • The ship sailed across the ocean.
100 Preposition Example Sentences

100 Preposition Example Sentences

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