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150 Present Indefinite Tense Example Sentences in English

150 Present indefinite Examples Sentences in English

Learning Present Indefinite Tense Examples is important for anyone studying English grammar. This tense is like a building block in English, and knowing how to use it correctly is essential for good communication. In the Present Indefinite Tense, we talk about actions that are habitual, general truths, or routine occurrences. Using clear examples helps learners understand this tense better. For instance, when you say “I eat breakfast every morning,” you’re talking about a regular habit. But when you say “The Earth revolves around the sun,” it’s a general truth. Examples like these make the rules of this tense easier to grasp.

Practicing real-life situations is also crucial because it prepares you for everyday conversations. Without knowing the Present Indefinite Tense well, you might have trouble expressing yourself clearly or understanding others. In summary, learning the Present Indefinite Tense with examples is a key part of English grammar learning. It makes understanding easier, improves communication skills, and can even make your educational content more discoverable online. So, whether you’re a student or a teacher, exploring examples of this tense is a smart step in improving your English.

150 Present Indefinite Tense Examples 

Affirmative Examples

Structure: Subject+ verb+ object

  • I play cricket.
  • He goes to school.
  • They eat meals.
  • They swim.
  • She eats meals.
  • He writes a letter.
  • She reads a book.
  • He teaches in the college.
  • He runs fast.
  • We exercise on regular basis.
  • You drink water.
  • I work.
  • He jumps.
  • He prepares for the exams.
  • He travels.
  • We talk on the phone.
  • He listens to me carefully.
  • It rains heavily.
  • He plays game.
  • He gets angry quickly.
  • The weather is good today.
  • Cool winds blows.
  • Boss calls his secretary.
  • He attends the lecture.
  • He speaks good English.
  • He writes a letter.
  • He works in a company.
  • We solve the questions.
  • He uses mobile.
  • She watches drama on TV.
  • I meet him every Sunday.
  • The teacher sits on the chair.
  • The mother feeds her son.
  • They eat meal at hotel.
  • The nurse takes care of the patient.
  • The doctor treats the patient.
  • He helps poor people financially.
  • You help your neighbor.
  • the Beggar begs in the street.
  • Ali tells his lesson to his teacher.
  • The teacher gives hard punishment to his students.
  • The students make a noise in the classroom.
  • We study in the classroom.
  • Asim studies in foreign country.
  • We love our homeland.
  • Soldiers sacrifice lives for their country.
  • He gets success in the exams.
  • We walk every day in the morning.
  • He sings well.
  • The drivers drives the vehicle.
  • Bird flies in the air.
  • The baby cries for milk.
  • You make fun of him.
  • Alia laughs at her teacher.
  • Boys fight with one another.
  • The fan moves fast.
  • Pakistan wins the match against Indian.
  • We play the tournament.
  • The mother cooks delicious meal.
  • They often shout in the street.
  • They learn Math.
  • We dream every night.
  • The student waits outside the classroom.
  • She takes bath every day.
  • The Gardener waters the plants
  • The girls washes the dishes.
  • He goes for a walk.
  • She makes a delicious meal.
  • They swim in the pool.
  • You listen to his advice.
    Present indefinite Tense Positive Example Sentences

    Present indefinite Tense Positive Example Sentences

Negative Examples
Structure: Subject+ do/ Does not + verb+ object

  • Asim does not want to marry.
  • The earth revolves around the sun.
  • Why Ali does not help him?
  • They don’t clean the room.
  • He does not sing well.
  • He does not drink water.
  • He does not abuse.
  • They do not swim in the pool.
  • You do not open the door.
  • I do not travel.
  • He does not live in the city.
  • They do not love each other.
  • The murder does not confesses his crime.
  • The judge does not declare his decision.
  • The thief does not steal.
  • We do not work in the fields ..
  • You do not talk so much.
  • She does not speak well.
  • He does not climb the wall.
  • They do not go to gym.
  • We do not help poor people.
  • She does not take care of her brother.
  • We do not use mobile.
  • My wife does not respect me.
  • Asim does not drive the bike.
  • We do not climb the wall.
  • They do not dance at the party.
  • She does not break the glass.
  • Sana does not run fast.
  • Ayesha Does not chat on mobile.
  • He does not eat apple.
  • The father does not beat his son.
  • We do not travel out of the city.
  • I do not take exercise in the morning.
  • He does not love her.
Present indefinite Tense Negative Example Sentences

Present indefinite Tense Negative Example Sentences

Interrogative Examples
Do/ does  Subject+ verb+ object

  • Does He sing well?
  • Does The driver drive the vehicle?
  • Does The bird fly in the air?
  • Does the baby cry for milk?
  • Do You make fun of him?
  • Do I play cricket?
  • Does He go to school every day?
  • Do They eat meal?
  • Do They swim?
  • Does she read a book?
  • Does he write a letter?
  • Does he teach in the college?
  • Do we help others?
  • Does He run fast?
  • Do you make money?
  • Do we exercise on regular basis?
  • Do I work?
  • Does she cook meal?
  • Do you play cricket?
  • Does she help?
  • Do we pay the fee?
  • Does Asim teach English?
  • Do I listen to the song?
  • Do you laugh at your teacher?
  • Do we walk everyday in the morning?
  • do I marry her?
  • Do we walk on the roof?
  • Does not clean his nose?
  • Do i take bath daily?
  • Does she drink milk?
  • Do i help poor?
  • Does she go to sleep?
  • Do we talk on call?
  • Does he read a book?
  • do you ride the horse?
  • Do you love him?
  • Do they eat meal in the hotel?
  • Do we clean the house?
  • Does Sana take her final exam?
    Present indefinite Tense Interrogative Example Sentences

    Present indefinite Tense Interrogative Example Sentences

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