Adverbs of Manner with Examples In English

Adverbs of Manner with Examples In English

What are Adverbs of Manner?

Adverbs of manner describe are used to describe how an action occurs or how something happens. These words provide additional details about the verb in a sentence, addressing questions such as how? or in what manner.


  •  She ran quickly to catch the bus.
  • He handled the fragile vase carefully.
  • Please close the door quietly.
  •  The music played loudly at the concert.
  •  The new system operates more efficiently.

Common Adverbs of Manner Words:

  • Quickly
  • Slowly
  • Carefully
  • Loudly
  • Softly
  • Politely
  • Rapidly
  • Steadily
  • Efficiently
  • Angrily

Steps to Create an Adverb of Manner

  • Identify the Adjective:
    Start with an adjective that describes a quality or characteristic.
  • Add the Suffix -ly:
    For most adjectives, add -ly to the end of the adjective to form the adverb.
  • Check for Irregular Forms:
    Some adjectives have irregular adverbial forms that do not follow the standard -ly rule.


Category Adjective Adverb Example Sentence
Regular Formation Quick Quickly She ran quickly to catch the bus.
Adjective Ending in -y Happy Happily They lived happily ever after.
Adjective Ending in -ble Comfortable Comfortably He sat comfortably in the chair.
Irregular Forms Good Well She sings well.
Common Irregular Adverbs Fast Fast He drives very fast.

Adverb of Manner Examples:

  • She quickly completed the assignment.
  • The children sang the song beautifully.
  • He solved the puzzle easily.
  • They worked together on the project.
  • The athlete ran swiftly to the finish line.
  • She spoke softly to avoid waking the baby.
  • The comedian told the joke hilariously.
  • The car moved slowly through the traffic.
  • He answered the question confidently.
  • The chef prepared the dish skillfully.

Adverbs of Manner with Examples In English

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