Adverbs of Manner with Examples In English

Adverbs of Manner with Examples In English

Adverbs of manner are important grammar words that tell us how something happens. They help us understand actions better by showing the way they are done. Adverbs of manner Examples can include words like quickly, slowly, happily, and others. They make our sentences more interesting and clear. If someone runs, an adverb of manner can tell us if they run fast or slowly. So, these adverbs help us explain things better and make our language more interesting. They are like special grammar words that paint a picture of how things happen, making our talking and writing more fun and easy to understand.

Adverbs of Manner with Examples In English

Adverbs of Manner with Examples In English

What are Adverbs of Manner?

Adverbs of manner describe how an action occurs or how something happens. These words provide additional details about the verb in a sentence, addressing questions such as “how?” or “in what manner?” Adverbs of manner enhance the specificity of an action, contributing precision and depth to the overall meaning of a sentence.


  • Quickly: She ran quickly to catch the bus.
  • Carefully: He handled the fragile vase carefully.
  • Quietly: Please close the door quietly.
  • Loudly: The music played loudly at the concert.
  • Efficiently: The new system operates more efficiently.
  • Patiently: She waited patiently for her turn.
  • Eagerly: The children eagerly opened their presents.
  • Gracefully: The ballerina moved gracefully across the stage.
  • Briskly: We walked briskly to keep warm in the cold weather.
  • Sloppily: He completed the assignment sloppily.

This revision uses active voice constructions to convey the information about adverbs of manner.

Common Adverbs of Manner:

  • Quickly
  • Slowly
  • Carefully
  • Loudly
  • Softly
  • Politely
  • Rapidly
  • Steadily
  • Efficiently
  • Angrily

These adverbs provide information about how an action is performed, helping to paint a more vivid picture of the situation or event. They are versatile and can be used in various contexts to convey different nuances in meaning.

Adverb of Manner Examples:

  • She quickly completed the assignment.
  • The children sang the song beautifully.
  • He solved the puzzle easily.
  • They worked together on the project.
  • The athlete ran swiftly to the finish line.
  • She spoke softly to avoid waking the baby.
  • The comedian told the joke hilariously.
  • The car moved slowly through the traffic.
  • He answered the question confidently.
  • The chef prepared the dish skillfully.

Adverbs of Manner Exercise:

1. Choose the correct adverb: “She sang the song __________.”
a) beautifully
b) slowly
c) quickly
d) softly
2. Identify the incorrect adverb usage:
a) He spoke very loudly during the meeting.
b) She danced gracefully across the stage.
c) The dog barked loudly in the night.
d) The children laughed happily at the clown’s antics.
3. The chef prepared the dish __________.
a) angrily
b) deliciously
c) clumsily
d) seldom
4. Complete the sentence with the correct adverb: “He completed the puzzle __________.”
a) carefully
b) suddenly
c) mostly
d) recently
5. The car moved __________ through the traffic.
a) smoothly
b) rarely
c) enough
d) around
6. Identify the sentence with an adverb of manner:
a) The mountain is high.
b) She was tired.
c) The athlete ran quickly.
d) They arrived late.
7. Choose the correct adverb: “The magician performed his tricks __________.”
a) fast
b) clumsy
c) magically
d) regular
8. Identify the incorrect adverb usage:
a) The children played happily in the park.
b) The cat moved quietly through the grass.
c) She wrote the essay quickly.
d) He smiled kindly at the old lady.
9. She answered the question __________.
a) eagerly
b) upstairs
c) seldom
d) really
10. Complete the sentence with the correct adverb: “The athlete completed the race __________ than expected.”
a) sooner
b) loudly
c) more
d) rarely


  1. a) beautifully
  2. c) The dog barked loudly in the night.
  3. b) deliciously
  4. a) carefully
  5. a) smoothly
  6. c) The athlete ran quickly.
  7. c) magically
  8. c) She wrote the essay quickly.
  9. a) eagerly
  10. a) sooner

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