Adverbs of Frequency, Rules with Examples In English

Adverbs of Frequency, Rules with Examples

Adverbs of frequency are words that tell us how often something happens. They help us understand the frequency or regularity of an action in a grammar sentence. These words, like “always,” “often,” “sometimes,” “rarely,” and “never,” give us clues about when or how much an activity occurs. Adverbs of frequency Examples illustrate the variety of ways we can express the timing or repetition of actions in a sentence. By using these adverbs, we can describe our routines, habits, or occurrences in a simple and clear way. Let’s explore how these adverbs work to convey information about the frequency of actions.

Adverbs of Frequency, Rules with Examples

Adverbs of Frequency, Rules with Examples

What is an Adverbs of Frequency?

An adverb of frequency is a word that describes how often an action occurs. It provides information about the frequency or regularity of an action concerning time. Adverbs of frequency are typically used with verbs to answer the question “How often?” They help convey whether an action happens all the time, occasionally, rarely, or never.


  • She always arrives on time.
  • They usually go to the gym in the evening.
  • I rarely eat fast food.

Adverbs of frequency are useful in providing more details and context to actions, allowing speakers and writers to communicate the regularity or frequency of various activities.

Common Adverbs of Frequency:

  • Always
  • Usually
  • Often
  • Sometimes
  • Occasionally
  • Rarely
  • Seldom
  • Hardly ever
  • Never

These adverbs are often placed before the main verb in a sentence but after the auxiliary verbs.

Adverb of Definite Frequency:

Adverbs of definite frequency specify a precise number or frequency of occurrence of an action within a given time frame. Unlike general adverbs of frequency, which express a more relative or vague frequency, adverbs of definite frequency provide specific details.


    • They visit their relatives monthly.
    • We celebrate our anniversary annually.
    • The magazine is published biweekly.
    • Financial reports are issued quarterly.
    • They have a family gathering fortnightly

In these sentences, the bolded words indicate the adverbs of definite frequency, specifying the exact time frame in which the actions occur.

Adverb of Indefinite Frequency:

Adverbs of indefinite frequency express how often an action occurs in a more general or unspecific manner. They don’t provide a precise number or time frame.


  • She sometimes reads a book before bedtime.
  • We meet up for coffee occasionally after work.
  • He goes to the gym frequently to stay in shape.
  • I rarely eat dessert, but today is a special occasion.
  • They watch movies together often on weekends.

Position of Frequency Adverbs:

Rule 1:
Place adverbs of frequency before the main verb.


    • I sometimes watch Chinese films.
    • She never eats vegetables.
    • I always read comic books.
    • They rarely watch music channels.

Rule 2:
Use adverbs of frequency after the forms of the verb “be” (am, is, are, was, were).


    • I am always worried about my study results.
    • She is usually very happy.
    • She is always cooking spaghetti.
    • You are seldom anxious about my health.

Rule 3:
When a verb has a helping verb, place the adverb after the first part of the verb.


    • Drivers should always wear a seat belt.
    • Richard doesn’t usually smoke.

Rule 4:
Adverbs of frequency can be placed at the beginning of the sentence.


    • Always wash your hands before the meal!
    • Often he walked.
    • Sometimes I go skating.

Rule 5:
Adverbs of frequency can also be placed at the end of the sentence.


    • We read books occasionally.
    • They like to watch TV often.
    • We go to school by bike sometimes.

Examples of Frequency Adverb:

  • I eat chocolate for dessert always.
  • They go to the gym usually after work.
  • We watch movies together often.
  • She checks her email daily.
  • He arrives at the office never late.
  • They meet for coffee rarely.
  • I play the guitar sometimes.
  • We visit the museum occasionally.
  • He reads books always before bed.
  • The bus comes usually on time.

Exercise of Frequency Adverb:

1. Which sentence is correct?
a) She always arrives late to meetings.
b) They rarely eat fast food.
c) I usually read a book before bedtime.
d) He daily goes to the gym.
2. Which sentence has the adverb of frequency placed incorrectly?
a) We often go on hikes during weekends.
b) She visits her parents usually on holidays.
c) I always complete my assignments on time.
d) He exercises daily to stay fit.
3. Complete the sentence: “She goes to the library __________ to borrow books.”
a) always
b) seldom
c) never
d) frequently
4. Which sentence does NOT use an adverb of frequency?
a) We rarely eat out at restaurants.
b) She is always happy.
c) They enjoy playing tennis often.
d) I finished my homework before dinner.
5. Where is the correct placement of the adverb of frequency?
a) They go on vacations usually in the summer.
b) We read books occasionally.
c) She is always forgetting her keys.
d) I daily watch movies.


  1. c) I usually read a book before bedtime.
  2. b) She visits her parents usually on holidays.
  3. a) always
  4. d) I finished my homework before dinner.
  5. b) We read books occasionally.

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