Essential Prepositional Phrases: Boost Your English Fluency

Essential Prepositional Phrases: Boost Your English Fluency

Prepositional Phrases:

Prepositional phrases are groups of prepositions that make a phrase. It can also include objects of preposition and those words which are used to modify the object. Nouns, infinitives, and gerunds are used to link the verbs. According to parts of speech, these words are used to modify different words in a sentence. it is important to note that a prepositional phrase does not have any subject or verb. These words are used to add information to a sentence.

Prepositional Phrases Rules

Rule Description
Structure It consists of a preposition followed by its object, which is typically a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase
Function It is used to modify a noun or pronoun and functions as an adjective or adverb within a sentence
Common Prepositions Examples: in, on, at, by, under, over, between, among, beside, near, etc.
Placement it can occur at the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence, usually close to the noun or pronoun it modifies
Flexibility it can be moved within a sentence for emphasis or style, but should maintain clarity and coherence
Clarity It Should be clear, concise, and relevant to the context, avoiding unnecessary complexity

Types of Prepositional Phrases

Adjective Prepositional Phrase:
These phrases act as adjectives,  and are used to modify a noun in the sentence. They answer the question Which one? or What kind?

  • The book on the shelf is mine.
  • The car with the red paint is expensive.

Adverb Prepositional Phrase:
These phrases are used to act as adverbs, modify a verb, adjective, or adverb in the sentence. They answer questions like When? Where? Why? How? or To what extent?

  • She went to the store after dinner.
  • He sings with great passion.
  • They ran in the park.

Noun Prepositional Phrase:
These phrases function as nouns in a sentence and can act as subjects, objects, or complements.

  • On the table is where I placed the keys. (subject)
  • I am looking for a book about space. (object)
  • Her main concern is with her health. (complement)

Compound Prepositional Phrase:
These are prepositions contain more than one preposition and object, and they are often joined by conjunctions like AND or OR.

  • In the park and by the river, people gathered for a picnic.
  • She placed the book on the shelf and under the desk, ensuring it wouldn’t get lost.

Appositive Prepositional Phrase:
This type of phrase follows an appositive, which is a noun or noun phrase that renames or clarifies another noun.

  • My brother, a doctor, is coming to visit.
  • The author, an expert in economics, will speak at the conference.

Prepositional Phrase as Object of a Preposition:
Sometimes, a prepositional phrase can contain another preposition.

  • She sat on top of the mountain.
  • He lives in the house next to the lake.

Prepositional Phrase as Complement of a Verb:
repositional phrase can work as a complement of a verb. In that situation, it provides additional information about the action.

  • She is good at painting.
  • They are interested in astronomy.

Prepositional Phrases with Examples

Out of stock
The sugar is out of stock nowadays.
When I went to the store, I was disappointed to find that my favorite brand of cereal was out of stock.

For sale
This house is for sale.
The beautiful waterfront property is currently for sale.

At work
I am at work now.
I can’t join you for lunch today because I’ll be at work.

At risk
She is at risk of being murdered by a thief.
Those living in coastal areas are at risk of experiencing hurricanes.

Under review
My paper is under review.
The report you submitted is currently under review by the Boss.

Under stress
Why are you always under stress?
Jane has been under stress lately due to her upcoming exams and work deadlines.

Under process
My thesis is under process.
The construction of the new bridge is still under process.

In terms of
In terms of studies, she is good but, in terms of behavior, she is bad.
In terms of career development, taking additional courses can be beneficial.

In winter
I’ll go to Murree in winter.
In winter, I enjoy cozying up by the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa.

According to
According to your statement, it seems a white lie.
According to research, it’s for sale.

As a matter of
As a matter of fact, this has nothing to do with me.
As a matter of principle, he refused to compromise his values.

For nothing
I am wasting time for nothing.
I worked hard to complete the project, but it seems like all my efforts were for nothing.

In short
In short, Imran khan’s power shows is awesome.
In short, the movie was a thrilling rollercoaster of emotions.

In time
Don’t worry I’ll reach there in time.
She arrived at the airport just in time to catch her flight.

In touch
She is in touch with me.
I’ve been trying to get in touch with Sarah.

On trial
We are working on a trial in the office.
The defendant is currently on trial for charges of embezzlement.

On the way
She is on the way to success.
We’re on the way to the airport and should be there in about 20 minutes.

On the roof
She is sitting on the roof.
The adventurous cat managed to climb on the roof.

In demand
Sneakers are in demand nowadays.
Electric cars are in demand due to their environmental benefits.

In danger
She is in danger.
The hikers realized they were in danger when they encountered a bear.

By accident
Sorry, for the disturbance; this is by mistake.
I didn’t mean to spill the coffee; it happened entirely by accident.

By luck
Your destiny will be decided by luck.
By luck, I found my lost wallet in the parking lot.

By nature
She is soft by nature.
By nature, she is a compassionate and caring person.

On a diet
She is on a diet.
I’m currently on a diet to shed a few pounds before my wedding.

By all means
I tried to reach her by all means.
If you want to succeed in this endeavor, you should follow the instructions by all means.

At ease
After the exams, she got fully at ease because she did well.
After a long day of work, she finally felt at ease when she settled on bed.

At any rate
I’ll buy these shoes at any rate.
The project is progressing slowly, and at any rate, a rate of completion within two days.

At a rate of
I bought the petrol at a rate of 250RS per liter.
The factory produces goods at a rate of 100 units per hour to meet the demand.

In case of
In case of any issue, you can contact us.
Always carry an umbrella in case of unexpected rain.

For a reason
Obviously, I am here for a reason.
For a reason unknown to us, the computer suddenly shut down.

For sake of
Will you please forgive me for the sake of our good?
He sacrificed his own comfort for the sake of his family’s well-being.

In hurry
I am in hurry this time.
She was in a hurry to catch her flight.

In abundance
The fruits are produced in abundance every year in Pakistan.
After a heavy rainfall, the fields were covered in abundance of lush green vegetation.

In advance
Why are you demanding the budget in advance?
He booked his concert tickets in advance to ensure he got good seats.

In addition to
In addition to my studies, I also work.
In addition to the main course, the restaurant also offers a variety of appetizers.

By  heart
Learn your lesson by heart.
She knew all the answers by heart because she had studied the material extensively.

By force
We can’t insist someone by force.
The authorities had to intervene by force to control the rioting crowd.

On fire
I saw a house on fire in midnight.
The firefighters rushed when they received the call that the building was on fire.

In my pocket
There is nothing in my pocket.
I reached for my keys, but I couldn’t find them because they were in my pocket.

At the end
Focus on your studies otherwise you’ll repent at the end.
At the end of the movie, there was a surprising plot twist that left the audience in awe.

Out of control
Why are you out of control suddenly?
The situation quickly spiraled out of control as the protesters clashed with the police.

For experience
I am doing this job for experience.
He took on the challenging project, despite knowing it would be demanding.

On road
Why are you standing on the road?
I’m currently on the road for a business trip.

In favor of
You always speak in favor of her.
The majority of the board members were in favor of the proposal.

In hand
What’s in your hands?

Out of fashion
This style is out of fashion now.
Bell-bottom jeans may have been popular in the 1970s, but they are now out of fashion.

At a distance
Can you please sit at a distance?
The scenic mountain range was visible at a distance.

In any case
You have to return me this book after two day in any case.
In any case, we should prepare for the meeting in advance.

Addicted to
She is addicted to alcohol.
He’s addicted to playing video games and can spend hours on them.

At the moment
I am afraid I can’t speak at the moment.
I’m at the moment unable to take your call.

In order
In order to fulfil her desire I have to give up.
To successfully complete the project, you need to follow the steps in order.

At least
At least you should show some sympathy at this moment.
He needed at least eight hours of sleep to feel rested and alert in the morning.

On the floor
The baby was lying on the floor.
I accidentally dropped my phone on the floor, but thankfully, it didn’t break.

As a matter of fact
As a matter of fact its very difficult for her to get rid of financial crisis.
As a matter of fact, I have visited that restaurant before, and the food was excellent.

In doubt
Even after conducting multiple experiments, the scientist was still in doubt about the accuracy of the results.
After reviewing the evidence, the jury was in doubt about the defendant’s guilt.

Under treatment
My mother is under treatment in the hospital.
She is currently under treatment for a minor injury she sustained while playing soccer.

Distinguish from
The color blind person can’t distinguish red from blue different colors.
It can be challenging to distinguish genuine designer products from counterfeit ones.

Focus on
Why don’t you focus on your studies?
I need to focus on completing my report before the deadline.

Through out
We have to fight with troubles throughout our life.
Throughout the summer, the children enjoyed playing in the park.

On behalf of
Can you please leave her on behalf of me?
On behalf of the entire team, I would like to express our gratitude for your support.

In a car
She is sitting in a car.
We traveled to the countryside in a car, enjoying the scenic views along the way.

On leave
She is on leave from Monday to Sunday.
She is currently on leave from work to spend more time with her family.

In  fact
In fact I don’t like to see you.
In fact, I’ve known her for years, and she has always been a trustworthy friend.

At bed time
You should brush your teeth at bed time.
At bedtime, I like to read a book to relax before going to sleep.

In answer to
She replied in answer to her question.
In answer to your question, the company is planning to expand its operations.

Prevent from
You should prevent from excessive eating.
Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help prevent you from developing certain health conditions.

Lead to
Bad habits lead to failure.
Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in the workplace.

Search for
Will you search for this topic online?
I’m going to search for my lost keys; I think I might have left them in the kitchen.

On average
On average you should pay 1000.
On average, people spend about 8 hours a day sleeping to ensure they are well-rested.

Benefit from
We should benefit from natural resources.
Children can benefit from participating in extracurricular activities.

By way of
By way of contrast you should travel 12 miles.
By way of introduction, let me tell you a bit about my background and experiences.

By chance
I got this job by chance.
They met by chance at the coffee shop.

In common
Despite their different backgrounds, they found they had a lot in common.
Sarah and Tom discovered they had a lot in common, including a love for hiking.

In future
In future don’t discuss any issue with me.
In future, we should plan our vacations well in advance to get the best deals.

On bail
He was released on bail.
The accused was released on bail until the trial date was set.

For certain
For certain, he will be at the meeting because he confirmed his attendance earlier today.
For certain, the weather can be unpredictable during the spring months.

For a reason
Every reaction is for a reason.
For a reason known only to him, he decided to quit his stable job.

For instance
You must know the price, for instance you want to buy a bike.
For instance, you can improve your vocabulary by reading books.

At noon
The party will start at noon.
We’ll meet at noon for lunch to discuss the project’s progress.

Spend on
She always spend the money on useless things.
I don’t want to spend too much on this purchase; I’m trying to save money .

Essential Prepositional Phrases: Boost Your English Fluency

Essential Prepositional Phrases: Boost Your English Fluency

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