8 Essential Parts of Speech in English with Examples

8 Essential Parts of Speech in English with Examples

The parts of speech are used to describe how a word functions in meaning and also it tells the grammatical meaning in a sentence. Parts of speech are also called word class which means it is used to express the role of every word in a sentence. When a word is used in various parts of speech it can function more than one part of speech in a sentence. You need to understand the different parts of speech if you want to know how a word works in a sentence so you can improve your writing.

8 Essential Parts of Speech in English with Examples

Parts of Speech in English

Parts of Speech definition:

Parts of speech are different types of words that have specific jobs in sentences. For example, nouns name things, verbs show actions, adjectives describe nouns, and so on. Learning about parts of speech helps us understand how words work together in sentences.

There are 8 parts of speech.

  • Noun
  • Verb
  • Adjective
  • Adverb
  • Pronoun
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions
  • Interjections

Types of Parts of Speech:

1 – Noun

Nouns are basically used to name people, places, animals, and things. Nouns typically function as the subject or object of a verb, or as the object of a preposition.

Example Words:

Cat House
Book Mountain
Table River
Car Ocean
Tree Sky

Noun Used in Sentences

  • The playful dog chased its tail around the yard.
  • The fluffy cat curled up on the couch and purred.
  •  The red car sped down the highway, leaving a trail of dust.
  • I’m reading a fascinating book by my favorite author.
  • We had a picnic by the serene river this weekend.
Noun Example Sentences in English

Noun Example Sentences in English

2 – Verb

A verb is a word that is used to show action or a state of being. It tells you what someone or something does or is. For example, in the sentence ‘He jumps,’ jumps is the verb because it shows the action of jumping.

Example Words:

run eat
sleep dance
laugh read
swim write
jump sing

Verb Used in Sentences

  • She ran to catch the bus.
  • He paints beautiful landscapes.
  • I read a fascinating novel last night.
  • The chef cooks delicious meals.
  • She teaches math at the local school.
Verb Used in Sentences

Verb Used in Sentences

3 – Adjectives

Adjectives are words that describe nouns. They give more details about people, places, things, or ideas. For example, in the sentence The happy dog wagged its tail, happy’ is the adjective because it describes what kind of dog it is.

Example Words:

  • Beautiful sunset
  • Red car
  • Delicious pizza
  • Friendly dog
  • Cold ice cream
  • Eager children

Adjective is commonly placed before a noun and after the linking verb.

Before Noun Examples:

  • Red roses
  • Little children
  • Modern technology
  • Beautiful artwork
  • Warm sunshine

After Linking Verb Examples:

  • The flowers are beautiful.
  • The cake tastes delicious.
  • The movie seems interesting.
  • The weather feels cold.
  • The room looks cozy.

Adjective is used to Explain nouns.

Example Words:

  • Beautiful flowers
  • Gigantic elephant
  • Sunny day
  • Delicious pizza
  • Curious child
Adjective Example Words

Adjective Example Words

4 – Adverbs

An adverb is a word that modifies or describes a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. It often tells us how, when, where, or to what extent something happens. For example, in the sentence, She ran quickly, the word quickly is an adverb because it describes how she ran.

Example Words:

Quickly Quietly
Slowly Loudly
Carefully Happily
Sadly Suddenly
Seriously Angrily

Sentence Examples: 

  • She ran to catch the bus quickly.
  • It’s very hot outside today.
  • We should leave for the movie now.
  • The keys are over there on the table.
  • She has almost finished her work.
Adverb Example Sentences

Adverb Example Sentences

5 – Pronouns

Pronouns are the words that are used in place of nouns in order to to avoid unnecessary repetition. Instead of repeating the same noun, we use pronouns to talk about them.

Example Words:

I we
you you
he / she / it they
me us
him / her / it them
my / mine our / ours
your / yours your / yours
his / hers / its their / theirs

Sentence Examples: 

  •  I am going to the store.
  •  Can you pass me the salt?
  •  He is my brother.
  •  She loves to sing.
  • The cat is cute; it is playful.
  •  We are going to the beach.
  •  They won the game.
  • Give it to me.
  • I saw him at the park.
  •  I like her style.
Pronoun Example Sentences

Pronoun Example Sentences

6 – Prepositions

Prepositions are words that show the relationship between nouns or pronouns and other words in a sentence. It usually used to indicate location, direction, time, or the relationship between different elements in a sentence.

Example Words:

Under Above
Beside Between
Near Against
Across Alongside
Through Around

Sentence Examples: 

  •  The cat is sleeping in the basket.
  • The keys are under the cushion.
  • She is sitting between two friends.
  •  The airplane is flying above the clouds.
  • We met during the summer vacation.
Preposition Example Sentences

Preposition Example Sentences

7 – Conjunctions

Conjunctions are words that are used to connect words, phrases, or clauses in a sentence. They are used to link different parts of a sentence together to show how they are related.

Conjunction Words:

And But
Or So
If Because
Although Since
While Yet
Either…or Neither…nor

Sentence Examples: 

  • He and she went to the store.
  • She wanted to go, but he stayed home.
  •  It was raining, so we stayed indoors.
  •  If you study, you’ll do well on the test.
  • They left early because they had a long drive.
Conjunction Example Sentences

Conjunction Example Sentences

8 – Interjections

Interjections are words or phrases used to express sudden emotions or sentiments. They often stand alone or appear at the beginning of a sentence and convey feelings such as surprise, joy, excitement etc.

Interjection Words:

Wow Oh
Ouch Hey
Yay Ooh
Ah Hurray
Oops Alas

Sentence Examples: 

  • Wow! That was an amazing performance!
  • Ouch! I just stubbed my toe.
  • Hooray! We won the game!
  • Bravo! You did a fantastic job.
  • Ugh! I can’t believe it’s Monday again.
Interjection Example Sentences

Interjection Example Sentences

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