Regular Verbs Meaning, Examples and List In English

Regular Verbs Meaning, Examples and List In English

Regular verbs are like basic blocks for language in grammar. They’re simple to understand and follow a clear pattern when you use them. Instead of changing in strange ways, regular verbs just add a few letters to show when things happen. Learning regular verbs helps you talk correctly and makes it easier to learn more about words and sentences. They’re the basic rules of how words work in sentences. So, when you know regular verbs examples well, you’re on your way to speaking and writing better in any language.

Regular Verbs Meaning, Examples and List In English

Regular Verbs Meaning In English

What are Regular Verbs?

Regular verbs are verbs that follow a predictable pattern when conjugated in various tenses and moods. In English, These typically form their past tense and past participle by adding the suffix “-ed” to the base form of the verb.


  • go (went, gone)
  • eat (ate, eaten)
  • drink (drank, drunk)

List of Regular Verbs:

Base Form Past Tense Past Participle
add added added
allow allowed allowed
answer answered answered
arrive arrived arrived
ask asked asked
attack attacked attacked
attempt attempted attempted
believe believed believed
belong belonged belonged
call called called
carry carried carried
clean cleaned cleaned
close closed closed
collect collected collected
compare compared compared
complete completed completed
consider considered considered
contain contained contained
continue continued continued
count counted counted
create created created

Regular Verb Examples Sentence:

  • She walked to school every day.
  • They talked about their plans for the weekend.
  • He played soccer with his friends yesterday.
  • We watched a movie last night.
  • I cooked dinner for my family.
  • She danced gracefully at the party.
  • They laughed at the funny joke.
  • He cleaned his room before guests arrived.
  • We helped our neighbor move furniture.
  • She painted a beautiful picture in art class.

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