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100 Examples Sentences with “Used to”

100 Examples Sentences with "Used to"

In this blog post, we’ll talk about a simple yet powerful phrase: ” Used to.” It’s a phrase we often use when discussing things from the past. You’ll find clear and straightforward examples sentences with “Used to,” helping you express your past experiences effortlessly. Whether it’s about childhood habits or changes in preferences, these sentences with “Used to” offer an easy way to share your memories. Let’s make talking about the past uncomplicated and enjoyable, as we explore the various aspects of our lives we used to cherish.

Use of “Used To”

Used to” is a phrase we use to talk about things we did a lot in the past but don’t do anymore.

Here are some ways we use it:

Past Habits:
Example: “I used to play soccer every day after school, but now I don’t.”

Where We Lived Before:
Example: “My family used to live in a small town, but now we live in a big city.”

Things That Were True Before:
Example: “Our old car used to break down all the time.”

Changes in What We Like:
Example: “I used to hate broccoli, but now I think it’s tasty.”

Talking About Past Wishes:
Example: “I used to dream of being an astronaut when I was a kid.”

Talking About Things That Didn’t Happen in the Past:
Example: “She didn’t used to have a pet, but now she has a cat.”

Used To” Examples Sentences

  • I used to play soccer every weekend.
  • She used to live in Paris before moving to London.
  • We used to go camping every summer.
  • They used to be best friends in high school.
  • My grandparents used to travel extensively in their youth.
  • He used to smoke, but he quit last year.
  • The old house used to be a school in the 19th century.
  • Lisa used to be a vegetarian, but now she eats meat.
  • The town square used to host lively events.
  • I used to listen to that band all the time.
  • The restaurant used to serve the best pizza in town.
  • We used to have a cat, but it passed away.
  • Jason used to work as a chef before becoming a writer.
  • The park used to have a beautiful fountain.
  • My brother used to have long hair, but he cut it short.
  • They used to live in the countryside, but now they’re in the city.
  • Maria used to play the piano, but she stopped.
  • The store used to open late on Fridays.
  • I used to hate coffee, but now I love it.
  • The building used to be a warehouse.
  • Jack used to visit his grandmother every weekend.
  • The school used to allow students to bring pets.
  • Our family used to celebrate holidays together.
  • The beach used to be much quieter in the off-season.
  • Sarah used to be a dancer, but now she’s a yoga instructor.
  • The children used to play in the park every afternoon.
  • This street used to be a bustling market.
  • We used to have picnics in the backyard.
  • I used to wear glasses, but now I use contact lenses.
  • The company used to manufacture handmade goods.
  • The garden used to bloom with colorful flowers.
  • Peter used to run marathons in his younger days.
  • The library used to have a vast collection of rare books.
  • Lisa used to own a vintage car.
  • The riverbank used to be a popular spot for fishing.
  • We used to spend summers at the lake.
  • The museum used to feature interactive exhibits.
  • Jake used to be a heavy smoker, but he quit.
  • The club used to host live music every Saturday.
  • Our family used to go on road trips during vacations.
  • The neighborhood used to be quieter before the construction.
  • Jenny used to write poetry in her free time.
  • The café used to serve the best pastries in town.
  • The schoolyard used to echo with children’s laughter.
  • David used to have a collection of rare coins.
  • The movie theater used to have double features on Fridays.
  • Mary used to have a part-time job at the bookstore.
  • The old church used to host weddings.
  • We used to play board games every Sunday.
  • The city park used to have a carousel.
    100 Examples Sentences with "Used to"

    Used to” Examples Sentences

  • Tom used to study abroad for a semester each year.
  • The mountain trail used to be a popular hiking route.
  • Jane used to dye her hair different colors.
  • The school used to have a swimming pool.
  • Our family used to own a cabin in the mountains.
  • The bakery used to sell fresh bread every morning.
  • Mark used to have a motorbike, but he sold it.
  • The zoo used to have a dolphin show.
  • The old factory used to produce handmade crafts.
  • We used to go to the amusement park every summer.
  • The town square fountain used to be a meeting point.
  • Lisa used to volunteer at the animal shelter.
  • The hotel used to host elegant galas.
  • Jason used to be a competitive swimmer.
  • The school used to have an annual talent show.
  • We used to take family photos every Christmas.
  • The mountain village used to be isolated during winter.
  • Sarah used to take piano lessons as a child.
  • The garden used to have a hedge maze.
  • The beachfront used to have a seafood festival.
  • Peter used to be a photography enthusiast.
  • The theater used to host Shakespearean plays.
  • The city square used to have a farmers’ market.
  • We used to have a tradition of Sunday barbecues.
  • The old mansion used to be a famous landmark.
  • Jenny used to collect rare stamps.
  • The coffee shop used to roast its own beans.
  • The school used to have a chess club.
  • Our family used to have a holiday cabin.
  • The park used to be filled with cherry blossoms in spring.
  • Lisa used to participate in dance competitions.
  • The bookstore used to host author signings.
  • The river used to freeze over in winter.
  • Tom used to play in a rock band.
  • The town square used to host parades.
  • Jane used to be a regular at the local gym.
  • The museum used to exhibit dinosaur fossils.
  • The city park used to have a petting zoo.
  • David used to collect vintage vinyl records.
  • The school used to organize field trips.
  • We used to have family movie nights.
  • The bakery used to specialize in French pastries.
  • Mark used to own a collection of antique coins.
  • The zoo used to feature a penguin exhibit.
  • The old factory used to produce handmade pottery.
  • We used to go on weekend hiking trips.
  • The town square fountain used to be a symbol of unity.
  • Lisa used to teach art classes.
  • The hotel used to host international conferences.
  • Jason used to be a frequent traveler.
    100 Examples Sentences with "Used to"

    Used to” Examples Sentences

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