List of All Flowers Name in English with Pictures

List of All Flowers Name in English with Pictures

Flowers have always captivated our hearts with their vivid colors, delicate petals, and enchanting fragrances. But have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the extensive lexicon that exists in the world of flowers? Understanding the Flowers Vocabulary not only deepens our admiration for these natural wonders but also equips us to express their beauty more effectively. From the gentle hues of a rose to the intricate components of a sunflower, each blossom possesses its own unique allure. Familiarizing yourself with the right flower’s Name empowers you to convey this beauty in words, enriching your connection with the floral world. Whether you’re a green-thumbed gardener, a fervent nature lover, or simply someone who finds joy in the sight of blossoms, exploring the realm of Flowers Vocabulary promises an enriching journey.

In this blog post, we’ll embark on a delightful voyage through the language of flowers, exploring a spectrum of terms that illuminate their anatomy, growth stages, and species. Together, we’ll demystify words like petals, sepals, stamens, and pistils, providing you with a deeper understanding of the diverse structures of different flowers. Additionally, we’ll delve into the diverse categories of flowers, from enduring perennials to fleeting annuals, shedding light on the unique characteristics that define each group. Furthermore, we’ll uncover the symbolic meanings attached to various flowers, unveiling their cultural significance across the globe. By the end of this exploration, you’ll not only expand your Flowers Name  but also cultivate a newfound appreciation for the intricate and multifaceted realm of the floral kingdom.

So, whether you’re a wordsmith in search of inspiration or a curious soul eager to learn, we invite you to join us on this enthralling journey through the enchanting world of Flowers Vocabulary. Let’s unlock the language that enables us to articulate the beauty of nature in all its floral splendor.

List of All Flowers Name in English with Pictures

Flowers Vocabulary

List of Flowers in English

Serial No. Flowers Image Flowers Name 
1 Rose Rose
2 Lily Lily
3 Tulip Tulip
4 Daisy Daisy
5 Sunflower Sunflower
6 Orchid Orchid
7 Daffodil Daffodil
8 Peony Peony
9 Iris Iris
10 Hydrangea Hydrangea
11 Carnation Carnation
12 Marigold Marigold
13 Lavender Lavender
14 Jasmine Jasmine
15 Poppy Poppy
16 Geranium Geranium
17 Violet Violet
18 Lilac Lilac
19 Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum
20 Hibiscus Hibiscus
21 Azalea Azalea
22 Pansy Pansy
23 Dahlia Dahlia
24 Camellia Camellia
25 Magnolia Magnolia
26 Snapdragon Snapdragon
27 Buttercup Buttercup
28 Forget-Me-Not Forget-Me-Not
29 Zinnia Zinnia
30 Aster Aster
31 Foxglove Foxglove
32 Primrose Primrose
33 Ranunculus Ranunculus
34 Bleeding Heart Bleeding Heart
35 Cosmos Cosmos
36 Canterbury Bells Canterbury Bells
37 Sweet Pea Sweet Pea
38 Fuchsia Fuchsia
39 Gladiolus Gladiolus
40 Hellebore Hellebore
41 Columbine Columbine
42 Anemone Anemone
43 Calla Lily Calla Lily
44 Delphinium Delphinium
45 Freesia Freesia
46 Hyacinth Hyacinth
47 King Protea King Protea
48 Queen Anne's Lace Queen Anne’s Lace
49 Bird of Paradise Bird of Paradise
50 Black-Eyed Susan Black-Eyed Susan
51 Peacock Orchid Peacock Orchid
52 Protea Protea
53 Alstroemeria Alstroemeria
54 Baby's Breath Baby’s Breath
55 Gazania Gazania
56 Celosia Celosia
57 Lisianthus Lisianthus
58 Canna Lily Canna Lily
59 Paper Daisy Paper Daisy
60 Iceland Poppy Iceland Poppy
61 Kangaroo Paw Kangaroo Paw
62 Strawflower Strawflower
63 Statice Statice
64 Wax flower Wax flower
65 Nigella Nigella
66 Yarrow Yarrow
67 Bellflower Bellflower
68 Globe Amaranth Globe Amaranth
69 Saffron Saffron
70 Lotus Lotus
71 Narcissus Narcissus
72 Dandelion Dandelion
73 Coneflower Coneflower
74 Cyclamen Cyclamen
75 Bachelor's Button Bachelor’s Button
76 Balloon Flower Balloon Flower
77 Coreopsis Coreopsis
78 Butterfly Bush Butterfly Bush
79 Morning Glory Morning Glory
80 Moon flower Moon flower

Flowers Name With Details

Sunflowers are bright and happy flowers that look like the sun. They have big, golden petals and a brown center. These flowers can grow really tall, even taller than a person! Bees and birds love them.

Tulips are lovely flowers that come in various colors like red, yellow, and purple. They look like colorful cups, with petals that can be one color or have cool streaks. Tulips are not too big, and they make gardens look pretty.

Lilies are beautiful flowers with big, delicate petals that come in various colors like white, pink, and orange. They look like trumpets standing tall in gardens. Lilies have a lovely fragrance that fills the air.

Daisies are simple and charming flowers with white petals and a bright yellow center. They look like little suns in the grass. Daisies are not very big, and you can find them in many gardens and even growing wild.

Orchids are elegant and fancy flowers with beautiful shapes and colors. They can be purple, pink, or white, and some look like they’re wearing fancy dresses. Orchids are a bit like the royalty of flowers.

Daffodils are bright, cheerful flowers that bring thoughts of spring to mind. They have sunny yellow petals and a trumpet-shaped center. Daffodils are not too big, and they often grow in clusters, making fields and gardens look like they’re filled with little suns.

Peonies are like fluffy, colorful clouds in the garden. They come in various colors, such as pink, red, and white. Their petals are soft and delicate, making them look like gentle cotton candies. People love peonies for their sweet fragrance and how they make gardens and bouquets look beautiful.

Carnations are pretty and simple flowers that come in different colors, like pink, red, and white. They have ruffled petals and a sweet, pleasant smell. Carnations are not too big and are often used in bouquets and flower arrangements.

Marigolds are sunny and easygoing flowers. They have bright yellow or orange petals and look like little suns in the garden. Marigolds aren’t very big, but they add a lot of cheer to any place they grow. They have a pleasant, earthy scent.

Lavender is a lovely, fragrant plant that has purple flowers. It smells really nice, like a mix of fresh and calming scents. Lavender is not too big, and it grows in long, slender stems. People often use it to make things smell good, like soaps and sachets.

Poppies are delicate and colorful flowers. They come in bright red, orange, and sometimes even pink. They have thin, papery petals and a dark center. Poppies can be small or quite big. People often see them in fields, making the landscape look like it’s covered in vibrant, dancing dots.

Violets are small, dainty flowers with pretty purple or blue petals. They’re like tiny jewels in the garden. Violets aren’t very big, and they often hide under their leaves. They have a sweet, gentle scent that’s soothing.

Chrysanthemums, often called mums, are beautiful and sturdy flowers with a variety of colors, such as white, yellow, and pink. They have layers of petals that make them look like cheerful pom-poms. Mums are not too big, and they often bloom in the fall.

Azaleas are colorful, small shrubs that burst with vibrant flowers. They come in various shades like pink, red, and white, and their petals look like soft, delicate trumpets. Azaleas are not very big, and they often bloom in the spring, making gardens and landscapes look incredibly pretty.

Pansies are charming and friendly little flowers that come in many colors like purple, yellow, and blue. They have a cheerful “face” in the center of their petals, which looks like it’s smiling. Pansies are not very big, and they often bloom in cool weather, like spring and fall.

Dahlias are big and beautiful flowers with a wide range of colors, from red to pink to yellow. They have many petals that make them look like they’re wearing a fancy ball gown. Dahlias can be quite large and showy, making them a standout in gardens and bouquets.

Magnolias are stunning, large trees or shrubs known for their beautiful, fragrant flowers. They have large, creamy white or pink petals that look like saucers or cups. These flowers are quite big and make the tree look like it’s dressed up in elegance.

Buttercups are small, bright yellow flowers that resemble tiny cups. They are simple and cheerful, often found in fields and meadows. Buttercups are not very big, but they make the surroundings look like they’re sprinkled with drops of sunshine.

Zinnias are colorful and easy-to-love flowers that come in a variety of bright hues, such as red, pink, and orange. They have a simple and cheerful appearance with petals that look like little daisies. Zinnias are not too big, making them perfect for gardens and bouquets.

Sweet Pea:Sweet Pea
Sweet peas are delicate and fragrant flowers that come in pastel shades like pink, purple, and white. They have a charming, butterfly-like shape with a pleasant scent that’s, well, sweet! Sweet peas are not very big, and they usually grow on vines, making them great for trellises and fences.

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