List of Symbols Names in English | Symbols Vocabulary

List Symbols Names in English | Symbols Vocabulary

Symbols are an integral part of our world, often serving as powerful tools for communication, representation, and understanding. From ancient hieroglyphs to modern emojis, symbols form the foundation of a universal language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. In this blog post, we will explore a captivating list of Symbols that encompass a diverse range of meanings and functions. As we delve into this rich symbols vocabulary, we’ll uncover how these symbols hold unique significance and are utilized in various aspects of our lives, be it in literature, religion, mathematics, or even daily communication.
So, let’s embark on a fascinating journey through the world of symbols, where we’ll unlock the secrets behind these powerful visual elements that play a crucial role in shaping our understanding of the world. Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a history buff, or simply curious about the symbols that surround you, this exploration of a list of Symbols will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the hidden meanings and cultural connections they represent.

What is a Symbol?

A symbol represents an idea, object, or relationship and is accepted in its original or unique form worldwide.
 Some symbols are especially used more in a particular subject or a situation than others. For example, while writing English, we mostly use full stops, colons, semicolons, commas, question marks, exclamation marks, apostrophes, and quotations. But we mostly use different brackets and plus, minus, multiplication, and division signs while doing mathematics.

Most of the symbols we commonly use in our daily lives nowadays are used in English, mathematics, and social media discussions. Like we use “@” in email or Gmail.
Similarly, we use different currency signs to represent money. $ is used to represent the dollar. Instead of this on social media, different symbols represent satisfaction, love, anger, and weeping. Symbols are the very basic part of school education. It makes communication and understanding easy. We’ll discuss some common symbols that are helpful for teachers, students of all ages, kids and all the people using social media.

List of Symbols Names in English | Symbols Vocabulary

Symbols Vocabulary

Symbols Name List

Serial No. Symbol Name
1 ! Exclamation Mark
2 Quotation Marks
3 # Pound Sign (Hash)
4 $ Dollar Sign
5 % Percent Sign
6 & Ampersand
7 Apostrophe
8 ( Left Parenthesis
9 ) Right Parenthesis
10 * Asterisk
11 + Plus Sign
12 , Comma
13 Hyphen (Minus Sign)
14 . Period (Full Stop)
15 / Slash
16 : Colon
17 ; Semicolon
18 < Less Than Sign
19 = Equal Sign
20 > Greater Than Sign
21 ? Question Mark
22 @ At Symbol
23 [ Left Square Bracket
24 \ Backslash
25 ] Right Square Bracket
26 ^ Caret (Circumflex)
27 _ Underscore
28 ` Grave Accent
29 { Left Curly Brace
30 } Right Curly Brace
31 ~ Tilde
32 ¬ Not Sign
33 ¦ Broken Vertical Bar
34 Dagger
35 Double Dagger
36 Bullet (Dot)
37 Per Mille Sign
38 Single Left-Pointing
39 Single Right-Pointing
40 Euro Sign
41 Trademark Sign
42 × Multiplication Sign
43 ÷ Division Sign
44 © Copyright Sign
45 ® Registered Trademark
46 Ohm Sign
47 µ Micro Sign
48 Delta
49 Infinity
50 ± Plus-Minus Sign
51 ° Degree Sign
52 § Section Sign
53 ¢ Cent Sign
54 £ Pound Sterling Sign
55 ¥ Yen Sign
56 Square Root
57 Not Equal To
58 Similar To
59 Not Equal To
60 Summation
61 Increment

List of Symbols with Description

Exclamation Mark:
Used to indicate strong feelings or excitement. It can also be used to express surprise or to emphasize a statement.

Quotation Marks:

Enclose a direct quotation or indicate the beginning and end of a dialogue in writing.

Pound Sign:

Often used to represent numbers, especially on social media, or to indicate a hashtag.

Dollar Sign:
Symbol for the currency of the United States and other countries. Also, used to represent money or prices.

Percent Sign:
Represents one part in a hundred and is often used to express a percentage.

A symbol that stands for the word “and” and is commonly used in abbreviations, as well as in company names and logos.

Used to indicate possession, contraction, or to mark omitted letters in contractions.

( )
Used to enclose supplementary information or clarify a point within a sentence.

Often used to indicate a footnote or for emphasis in writing.

Plus Sign:
Represents addition in mathematics and can be used to indicate a positive aspect or inclusion.

Used to separate items in a list, create pauses, and clarify sentence structure.


Used to join words or parts of words, especially in compound words.

Period(Full Stop):
Marks the end of a sentence and is used for abbreviations, decimals, and in numbers.


Often used to separate items in a list or to indicate alternatives.


Introduces a list or an explanation, or separates hours and minutes in time.


Used to join two closely related sentences or clauses, or to separate items in a complex list.

Less Than Sign:

Indicates something is smaller or less than another quantity in mathematics and comparisons.

Equal Sign:

Signifies equality or that two things are the same.

Greater Than Sign:

Indicates something is greater or more than another quantity in mathematics and comparisons.

Question Mark:

Marks the end of a question and is used to indicate inquiry.

At Symbol:

Used in email addresses and social media usernames.

Square Brackets:
([ ])

Enclose additional, explanatory, or optional information.


Often used in computer programming and file paths.

Caret (Circumflex):

Used in mathematics and computer programming to indicate exponentiation or bitwise XOR.


Often used in email addresses, usernames, and computer programming.

Grave Accent:

Rarely used in English but may indicate pronunciation in some cases.

Curly Braces:
({ })

Used to enclose sets, blocks of code, or to indicate something important.

Vertical Bar (Pipe):

Used in computer programming and data processing to denote “OR.”


Often used in mathematics, URLs, and some programming languages.

List of Symbols Names in English | Symbols Vocabulary

Symbols Vocabulary

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