Essential Prepositions: A Complete Preposition List with Examples

Essential Prepositions: A Complete Preposition List with Examples

Prepositions are words that show how things relate to each other, like ‘in,’ ‘on,’ or ‘under.’ With a preposition list, you can understand these words better. It’s useful for students, writers, and anyone who wants to speak English well. By using the right prepositions, sentences make more sense.

Prepositions List with Examples

Above: Higher than anything

  • Everyday, birds fly above the sky.
  • The water came above our feet.

After: describes timing

  • She went to the office after taking a meal.
  • He reads a story every day after the lecture

Above: Higher than anything

  • Birds fly above the sky every day.
  • The water came above our feet.

Along: Next to or accompanying

  • He walks along the beach every morning.
  • You must come along with your parents to the meeting.

Across: From one side to the other

  • She walks across the road.
  • Dogs lay across the lane.

Against: In contact with or opposed to

  • The laptop was lying against the wall.
  • He threw the ball against the fence.

Around: In a circle or surrounding

  • My father walks around the village each morning.
  • Planets move around the sun.

On: Resting at the surface

  • The book is on the table.
  • They play games on the floor.

In: Enclosed or surrounded by something

  • She works on projects in her office.
  • Look in the mirror.

At: Specific location or time

  • Meet me at the bank tomorrow.
  • Say goodbye at the airport.

Ahead of: In front or before in order

  • She finishes her work ahead of time.
  • They were running ahead of us.

Before: Earlier than a certain time

  • Call before 7 AM.
  • She hadn’t visited that city before.

Behind: At the back of

  • The man hid behind the wall.
  • Stay behind to care for the patients.

Below: Lower in position

  • Don’t read below these lines.
  • Temperatures dropped below freezing.

Beneath: Directly underneath

  • They slept beneath the tree.
  • The cat sat beneath the table.

Beside: Next to

  • Stand beside your student.
  • He stood beside the fire.

Down: Toward a lower place

  • Walk down the stairs.
  • He walked down the street.

By: Indicating method or nearness

  • Demolish the house by controlled means.
  • Damage was caused by a storm.

According to: As stated by

  • Play according to the rules.
  • According to him, avoid politics.

Into: Movement to the inside of

  • Don’t pour hot water into the bottle.
  • Threw paper into the fire.

Inside: Within something

  • What’s inside the bag?
  • A snake was inside the package.

For: Intended to belong to, or used for

  • I bought these pencils for my friends.
  • Flowers for her birthday.

To: Indicating motion towards

  • They went to the market for shopping.
  • Attend the wedding in the village.

Beyond: Further than

  • The office is beyond the valley.
  • This is beyond our understanding.

From: Indicating origin

  • A gift from my friend.
  • The train departs from the station.

In front of: Directly before

  • Fight in front of the Mosque.
  • Park in front of the building.

During: Throughout the duration of

  • No talking during the presentation.
  • Visited a friend during the call.

Near: Close to

  • The station is near my house.
  • He lives near the post office.

Outside: Not inside

  • Friends waited outside.
  • The dog barks outside the village.

Of: Belonging to or associated with

  • Pictures of my birthday.
  • Many suffer from poverty.

Over: Above or covering

  • Birds flying over the lake.
  • Fighting over a map.

About: Concerning or related to

  • Information about the tournament.
  • Talks about my family.

Because of: Due to

  • Failed exams because of distractions.
  • Couldn’t get money because of issues.

Among: In the midst of

  • Sat among friends.
  • Divide candies among the poor.

In addition: Additionally

  • Other applicants are waiting.
  • No choice but to accept.

Towards: In direction of

  • Move towards the college.
  • Walking towards the street.

Except: Excluding

  • Left job except for the bonus.
  • Released except for the fines.

Amidst: Surrounded by

  • Stood amidst friends at the party.
  • Remained calm amidst the storm.

Underneath: Covered by something else

  • Hid the pistol underneath the bed.
  • She appears nice underneath.

Instead of: Rather than

  • Work on your project instead of complaining.
  • Focus on studies instead of other activities.

On behalf of: Representing

  • Presented on behalf of her sister.
  • Attended the meeting for her boss.

In case of: If it happens

  • Stay home in case of bad weather.
  • Contact rescue in case of emergency.

On account of: Because of

  • Missed the party on account of rain.
  • Meeting canceled on account of negligence.

Under: Covered by something above

  • Animals sat under the tree.
  • Placed the ladder under the table.

Unto: Toward or directed to

  • Give praise unto God.
  • Do unto others as done to you.

Until: Up to the time that

  • Don’t answer until you read the question.
  • Won’t go to the market until permitted.

As: Used in comparisons

  • Works as a receptionist.
  • Known as a respectable man.

Despite: Without being affected by

  • Enjoyed the tour despite bad weather.
  • Went shopping despite disapproval.

Like: Similar to

  • Looks like her mother.
  • Dances like poetry.

Opposite: Facing or contrary

  • Sat opposite Ali.
  • Does the opposite of expected.

Within: Inside the limits of

  • Return within two weeks.
  • Pay debts within days.

Ago: Back in time

  • Went to Dubai days ago.
  • Thief ran away minutes ago.

Apart from: Excluding

  • Lived in Dubai apart from last year.
  • Can’t do apart from you.

Away: At a distance

  • Let him go away.
  • Take the dogs away.

Hence: Therefore

  • Meeting hence the rain.
  • Has an English name hence her mother.

Off: Disconnected or away

  • Took off the dress.
  • Got off the bus.

Unlike: Different from

  • Unalike my mother.
  • Unusual for you to get upset.

Worth: Value or merit

  • The book is worth reading.
  • The Taj Mahal’s beauty is worth praising.

Till: Up to a certain time

  • Fight for the country till the last breath.
  • Wait here till your father returns.

But: Indicates contrast

  • Tried his best but failed.
  • Sorry but I don’t understand.

As far as: To the extent or distance of

  • Travel as far as possible tonight.
  • Tried my best as far as possible.
Essential Prepositions: A Complete Preposition List with Examples

Essential Prepositions: A Complete Preposition List with Examples

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